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Life is in perpetual motion, ceaselessly flowing without pause.

Life races like a wild river, never halting in its relentless course. Yet amidst its tumultuous flow, it whispers the secrets of our purpose, our destination, the mysteries of tomorrow, and the profound relevance of our actions in this very moment.

The Book

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Global Injustices: Power Worship and the Resilience of the Faithful

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In the backdrop of egregious human rights violations unfolding on the world stage, we bear witness to atrocities beyond comprehension, where justice and basic decency are cast aside, and double standards imposed by superpowers become the norm. This grim reality persists because contemporary society worships power and material wealth rather than venerating the Creator, who is truly deserving of worship. Amidst this landscape of oppression and adversity, the oppressed demonstrate a remarkable resilience rooted in their beliefs, confronting challenges with unyielding determination that showcases the beauty of their faith.

The Beautiful Islam

Amid the tumult of contemporary existence, followers of Islam find profound solutions. Through the teachings of compassion, justice, and humility inherent in Islam, they discover a guiding framework for navigating the complexities of modern life with grace and dignity. Embracing Islamic principles such as taqwa fosters inner peace, elegance, and harmonious coexistence among people, acting as a beacon of hope amidst the chaos of oppression. This book not only highlights the resilience of those who follow Islam but also underscores the transformative potential of Islamic faith in shaping a world characterized by justice and compassion.

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There is no one worthy of worship except Allāh.

In "The Beautiful Islam," Yulian Roess thoroughly explores the Qurʾān's profound introduction and the rise of Islam, replacing outdated beliefs and texts. It serves as the foremost, comprehensive, flawless, and meticulously preserved guide, heralding a positive global paradigm shift. Islam provides guidance and solutions for life's challenges, both in this world and the afterlife, through the teachings of the Qurʾān.

This video explores the societal backdrop of pre-Islamic Arab culture, characterized by widespread ignorance and discord. Idol worship dominated, focusing on fleeting desires like fame, power, and material wealth. Enduring tribal conflicts, often triggered by minor issues such as disputes over horse racing, persisted for generations, resulting in immense loss of life. Women faced severe marginalization, with some even facing infanticide due to the shame associated with female offspring. Amidst the darkness, however, elements of dignity, honesty, and linguistic prowess shone through, showcasing the intellectual depth of the society.

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This video eloquently depicts the development of Islam, beginning with its roots in the era of Prophet Ibrahim and reaching its pinnacle of perfection and divine approval in the seventh century. At the heart of Islam lies the Qurʾān, bestowed upon the final messenger, Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, serving as a source of inspiration for successive generations of Muslim scholars who propelled advancements in science and technology during the Golden Age, with luminaries such as Ibn Sina and Ibn Khaldun leading the way. Today, Islam stands as the world's fastest-growing religion, with 1.9 billion adherents embracing its teachings, which are encapsulated in the Five Pillars guiding their spiritual journey.

The Islamic Science Center

Islam (Submission)

There is no Gód but Allāh

and Muhammad ﷺ is the Last Messenger.

Iman (faith)

Believe in Allāh and and the Day of Judgment.

Ikhsan (excellence)

Indeed, Allāh is watching over you.

The hub of profound thought

At the heart of profound reflection lies the Quran, a beacon illuminating minds with wisdom, inspiring deep contemplation, and guiding seekers to new understandings.

The Qurʾān series

The YouTube video by Yulian Roess delves into the intersection of science and the Qurʾān.

The Scientific Perspective on the Quran

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The Five Pillars


five time prayer




The Islam series

The YouTube video by Yulian Roess delves into The Beautiful Islam

The beautiful way of life

The Deeds

the day of judgement

The final abode

We delve into the compatibility between scientific discoveries and the teachings of the Quran. This exploration seeks to illuminate how the Quranic verses resonate with scientific findings, fostering a deeper understanding of both realms. Through this lens, the Quran emerges not only as a religious scripture but also as a source of insights that harmonize with scientific inquiry, inviting contemplation and dialogue across disciplines.

The Ādam Paradox Hypothesis

Embark on an illuminating exploration of human evolution with "The Ādam Paradox Hypothesis: Unraveling the Mysteries of Evolution and Intelligence," authored by Yulian Roess. This seminal work challenges the conventional constraints of evolutionary theory in elucidating the rapid population expansion and technological strides observed in humans since the Neolithic era. From the primitive epoch marked by Lucy (Australopithecus) to the pre-Neolithic phase characterized by Homo sapiens as primarily hunter-gatherers guided by rudimentary survival instincts, the evolutionary trajectory of humanity elicits profound inquiry.

The Science Center

Genetics and Genomics

Explore the study of genes and heredity, including topics such as DNA sequencing, genetic engineering, gene editing technologies like CRISPR, and personalized medicine.

Explore the fascinating world of quantum mechanics, including concepts like superposition, entanglement, and wave-particle duality.

The amazing Qurʾān

Revered for its literary excellence, divine origin, and comprehensive spiritual guidance. Some interpret it to contain scientific insights, while its historical preservation and miraculous nature contribute to its enduring significance.

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